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Flavors That

Fight Back

These bold flavors are so dangerously delicious they’re outlawed on most planets. But this intergalactic gang is risking it all so you can get a taste.

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Outlaw Snax Honey Sriracha and Spicy Ranch Tortilla Chips


If you’re looking for explosive flavor, this is the motherload – Outlaw Snax Spicy Ranch chips. Kid Dynamo searched across the universe to find the perfect blend of hot, cool and crunchy. And now that Kid’s found it, he’s sharing it with the masses.

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Outlaw Snax Spicy Ranch Tortilla Chips

Outlaw Snax Honey Sriracha Tortilla Chips


Legend of a chip that’s equal parts “sweet” and “heat” can be found on just about every planet. But with Outlaw Snax Honey Sriracha, the myth is now reality. It’s all thanks to the Sweet Heat Sisters, who went on a mission to see if the flavor was more than a fable. Spoiler alert – it’s real, and it’s delicious.

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