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Meet The Outlaws

Discover the wildest bunch of Outlaws this side of the chip aisle. They’re heisting the boldest flavors in the universe and sharing them with the rest of us. Get to know the gang.

Kid Dynamo & The Sweet Heat Sisters



“I Always Bite Off More Than I Can Chew”

This intergalactic bandit is legendary for his spicy personality and wild ideas that break all the rules.

Kid Dynamo’s dangerously delicious heat vision mask helps him heist fiery new flavors and share them with the masses – making him plenty of enemies along the way.

But don’t worry. Kid Dynamo never breaks a sweat.

On a recent spice run, Kid discovered an explosive new variety of Spicy Ranch chips. Now this perfect blend of hot, cool and crunchy is Kid’s favorite new flavor. Try and find out if it’s yours, too.

Kid Dynamo

The Sweet Heat Sisters

The Sweet Heat


“We’re DOUBLE The Trouble, Fun And Flavor”

Bea & Blaze are twin sisters who are wanted across the galaxy for their rule-breaking flavor combinations.

Bea prefers sweet. Blaze likes to bring the heat.

When they heard about a mysterious Honey Sriracha hybrid on a hidden planet, Bea and Blaze snuck in and made the steal of the century.

That’s how The Sweet Heat Sisters got their name – and how the rest of us got one of the boldest flavors ever known.

The Gang Is Growing

Keep an eye out for more Outlaw Snax characters delivering bold new flavors to stores near you.

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