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Outlaw Snax - Flavor That Fights Back Outlaw Snax - Flavor That Fights Back
Your Mouth's Most Wanted

Your Mouth's Most Wanted

If you’ve got the craving – and the courage – then saddle up with the wildest bunch of chips this side of the snack aisle. Dangerously delicious and packing a fistful of flavor in every bite, Outlaw Snax lives by one rule – fortune flavors the bold.

Outlaw Snax Honey Sriracha Snack Chips

Dare To Try All Our Flavors

Outlaw Snax Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Blue Corn

Get ready for a bold flavor snacking experience unlike any other before. Outlaw Snax is giving you a new taste of the crispy, crunchy Blue Corn Tortilla Chips you crave. Snacking just got more bold than ever before.

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Outlaw Snax Scoopable Corn Chips


Corn Chips

Outlaw Snax is changing the chip game with the boldest, crave-worthy flavors ever unleashed. Our Scoopable Corn Chips are a tasty twist on an old classic, sure to have you reaching for more.

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Outlaw Snax Honey Sriracha Chips



Outlaw Snax is bringing one of the most Dangerously Delicious flavors of all time to the snack aisle – Honey Sriracha Chips. People will be talking far and wide about this legendary combination of sweet and spicy.

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Outlaw Snax Spicy Ranch Chips



Flavor seekers who are looking for the most explosive flavor have finally hit the motherload – Outlaw Snax Spicy Ranch Chips. You won’t be able to get enough of this spicy coolness. Fortune flavors the bold, indeed... 

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Outlaw Snax - Flavor That Fights Back

Outlaw Snax - Flavor That Fights Back

True to our name, Outlaw Snax is here to challenge the status quo and shake up the snack world. We’re committed to delivering bolder flavors and crazier combinations, giving you high-quality snacks with the crunchy tastes and textures you love. Before starting Outlaw Snax, our owners were known for launching Bad Boy Mowers, the fastest-growing zero turn lawnmower in the world. Now we’re putting all our chips in on Outlaw Snax – a new legend in the making. You can currently find our flavors at Dollar Tree, Roses, and Roses Express stores across the nation, with more locations and snack varieties coming soon to a store near you.

Outlaw Snax Are Available At These Fine Retailers And More Coming Soon

Find Outlaw Snax at your local Dollar Tree Find Outlaw Snax at your local Roses Discount Store Find Outlaw Snax at your local Roses Express Store
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Outlaw Snax will be popping up in snack and chip aisles all over the country to satisfy your cravings for unique and bold flavors. If you’re hungry for more information on Outlaw Snax or want to see it on shelves in your store, please feel free to reach out to us now.

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